How it works

How it works

Click on the Certification you are interested, a Shopify Button will walk you through the Online Payment. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with all the details to start enjoying your certification including below benefits:

  • Access to a real Virtual Academy where you can interact with other students and even with the instructors
  • Access to monthly "Capture the Flag" (CTF) challenges that helps you to move up in the Ranking System
  • Access to Online Training Videos with hands-on Labs and Exercises
  • Access to new content added to the Academy like zero days or malware (Premier plan only)

Once the classes are completed you can schedule your final exam to get certified. This exam is a real world Capture the Flag contest where you have 48 hours to solve the challenges assigned. Are you the best? Prove it!

If you manage to get certified, you are automatically added to our watch list where Silicon Valley headhunters are always hiring new Cyber Defenders!


How to works

Helping the needy is at the core values in Hack Defender. Helping to safe children's lifes worldwide is our main mission. Because of this, we have a list of charities where we donate 10% of the money received for each certification, this means, you are also helping others indirectly, Congrats!

If you know a charity in your country you want to propose, please send all the informacion and once approved, it will be added to the list, our vision is that our students have the chance to support their own countries.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

St. Jude is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Children International

Like the world-changers who support our organization, we are focused on making a long-term impact by helping kids living in poverty. We have a bold vision: graduating healthy, educated, empowered and employed young adults from our program so they can achieve the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. Period.


Los Ojos de Dios

A private not-for-profit in Mexico and the USA dedicated to serving children and providing them with the love and care they were deprived of when someone threw them away because of their birth defects. Children found everyday in the streets, churches, hallways and doorsteps all throughout the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.


The Kidney Project

A national research project is under way to create a small, surgically implanted, and free-standing bioartificial kidney to treat end stage renal disease (ESRD). The bioartificial kidney will give ESRD patients new hope beyond the short-term solution of renal dialysis and the longer-term, but impermanent, solution of a living kidney transplant for which donor organs are limited. As well, the bioartificial kidney is expected to save national health care dollars.